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An Indestructible Dog Bed For Your Quiet Fellow

They say butter would not melt in his mouth. More to the point here; butter would never melt in its jaw. Because this quiet fellow is somewhat of a rare breed indeed. You do not often get too many dogs such as this one. But how are you to know. The thing is, you work for the better part of the day and you rarely get to see what little Fido has been up to throughout the day. He is an unusual breed, because by the time you open the door in the evening, there is no jumping for joy, so glad to see you, master, let me go and fetch your pipe and slippers and all of that.

indestructible dog bed

No, no, not this chap. By the time you have plunked your bags down on the kitchen counter, this little fellow is still seemingly fast asleep on his shriveled old cushion in the corner over there. What a strange pup! And then you begin to notice. This is no sleeping angel. Now is not the time to go and let sleeping dogs lie, because while you have been away, slaving all day to buy your housemate his nums for his tums, he has been a rather naughty little bugger. All sorts of things are out of place as you make your way from room to room, from the kitchen to the bathroom, from bathroom to bedroom, and finally down to the living room.

A trail of messy, fatty crumbs has been left in its wake. Some rare breeds are so intelligent they can even open doors with their paws, all by themselves. A roll of toilet paper is rolled all out with great fanfare. And then disaster! Your cherished remote has been chewed to bits! You bound off to scowl and scold the little fellow who looks up at you with trembling sorrowful eyes. It wasn’t me, it says, and finally it comes to you. What a sight for sore eyes! Just look at the little bugger’s sleeping cushion! It’s been ripped and torn to shreds.

It’s your own fault, really. You should have catered well for its needs before you left for your big day in the city. Let’s start with the sleeping area, shall we. Save yourself a whole lot of time and trouble and mess and get this little quiet chap an indestructible dog bed. Try as it might, there is just no way it can rip this sleeping cushion to shreds. Also, it is anti-bacteria, so no chance of it getting sick all over the kitchen floor. And for goodness’s sake, mom, or dad, give this poor chap something worthwhile to do with itself during the day.

Set up the sleeping area’s surroundings with nice little edible chewy little toys that are healthy for little pups. Make sure its water bowl is clean, and make sure that there is more than enough dry biscuits for it to chew on.